Piotr Leczkowski photographer based in Poland.

Piotr Leczkowski was born in Warsaw in 1971. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, however passion for graphic design and photography won the path of the professional career. For more than 20 years he has been involved in graphic design (as the owner and artistic director of the advertising agency Formacja.pl ) but also in architecture and interior photography. Additionally, he specializes in artistic photography. His photos main subject is the movement of the classical dance/dancers. He is fortunate and honoured to work with the greatest names of the Polish dancing stage, in particular with the members of the Polish National Ballet.
The works of Piotr Leczkowski earned numerous awards and prizes at international photographic competitions. He is the winner of the Sony World Photography Awards – Poland National Awards 2019 – the competition known in the industry as the Oscars of Photography.

Piotr’s photos not only earn the acclaim from competition judges but also from people who had the opportunity to come across his talent. Their beauty stimulates the senses of the dancers but also those who are not associated with dancing – the works are selected by the art collectors in Poland and overseas.

Exhibitions and prizes:

2022 14.05 – Ekspozycja ruchu – Galeria “CEKiS w Skierniewicach”  INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
SIPS Silver Medal: Tricontinental International 2021 Open Monochrome
2021 15.05 – Noc muzeów – Galeria “The Fence” INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2020 10.04 – 2020.11.08 – Kulisy – Galeria FOPA WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2020 07.01 – 2020.07.31 – Balet. Magia Kulis – Galeria Teatru Druga Strefa Warszawa WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
02.08  – Balet – Galeria Aperia design Q22 Warszawa WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
11.23 -2020.02.09 – MOJE BALETY – Neoclassica Ballet Center Warszawa
2019 10.23 -11.23 – MAGIA KULIS – Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa.  WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2019 09.28 – Mentoring Weekend – Forum Mentorów Sopot. WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
08.06 – Otwarte Ogrody Milanówek. WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2019 16.05-6.06 Bratislava, Slovenské národné divadlo: Ballet Dancers – organizer: Polski Instytut w Bratysławie. WYSTAWA/EXHIBITION >>
2019 Sony World Photography Awards – Poland National Award – Winner! and participation in the post-competition exhibition in London >>
2019 15.03-10.04 Galeria Matulka: Taniec – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2018 14.12-10.01 2019 Przestrzeń Przyjazna Kulturze POCZEKALNIA Grodzisk Mazowiecki: Taniec – czyste piękno – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2018 11.10-19.11 Warszawa DOK Ursynów: Tancerze – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2018 4.10-31.10 Toruń Dwór Artusa: Ballet Dancers – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2018 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention
2018 Centralny Ośrodek Szkoleniowy ZUS w Osuchowie: Ballet Dancers – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2017 Galeria Stalowa – FFFAMOUS – WYSTAWA ZBIOROWA/PARTICIPATION IN EXHIBITION art & fashion & beauty >>
2017 Miasto Gwiazd – Galeria Resursa Żyrardów: Ballet Dancers – WYSTAWA INDYWIDUALNA/EXHIBITION
2017 Krotoszyn Galeria Refektarz – I Photo Jam Session – WYSTAWA ZBIOROWA/PARTICIPATION IN EXHIBITION
2017 Moscow International Foto Awards – Honorable Mention
2017 Monovisions Photography Awards – Honorable Mention
2017 Anna Pavlova Ballet Photography Contest – Special mention
2017 fine art photography awards – Fine Art 3RD PLACE WINNER >> fine art nominee >> and nudes nominee >>
2017 Sony World Photography Awards – 2017 Exhibition – Commended and participation in the post-competition exhibition in London >>
2016 Anna Pavlova Ballet Photography Contest – Special mention and participation in the post-competition exhibition in Rome
2016 Tokyo Foto Award – Subcategory Winner Fine Art-Nudes – Bronze TOKYO-2016
2016 Tokyo Foto Award – People-Portrait_P – Honorable Mention TOKYO-2016
2016 Monochrome Awards – People category 4 x Honorable Mention and Portrait category Honorable Mention
2016 1x.com Photo Awards – Fine Art Nude category winner
2016 One Eyeland Photography Awards – Bronze People Lifestyle category >>